Exploring The Fusion Of Colors And Forms with Midori McCabe

Foulard-Kirameki-e Summersand

The collaboration between Quaranta Locatelli and the Japanese artist living in San Francisco Midori Mccabe was born in 2010, when the two, together with the second artist of the fashion-art partnership, Antoh Mansueto from Naples, decided to join forces to create a collection of unique and innovative scarves.

Midori Mccabe is a Japanese artist living in San Francisco. Her works are characterized by a lively use of color and complex geometric shapes.

The collaboration with Quaranta Locatelli, specialized in the production of silk accessories for clothing, led to the creation of a collection of scarves that combine the Italian artisan tradition with the innovation of artistic research.

The scarves are made of high quality silk and printed with an inkjet process which allows for sharp and precise details. The scarf motifs are inspired by the works of Midori Mccabe, who combines geometric shapes and natural motifs in a unique and original way.

The A. Quaranta Locatelli scarf collection has been presented in various international exhibitions and fairs, enjoying great success with the public and critics.

Below is the artist’s biography, taken from a recent June 2023 editorial contribution of the AATONAU.COM magazine entitled “Midori McCabe: exploring the Fusion of Colors and Shapes” referred to in the following  link

“My style is experimental abstract style and storytelling, a visual diary inspired by daily life events.”

Midori McCabe’s Lifelong Enchantment

Midori McCabe‘s lifelong enchantment with nature’s colors and forms began in childhood. Born in Japan, she had a myriad of activities, including piano lessons, classical singing lessons, Koto (a 13-string Japanese harp), and Japanese calligraphy lessons from her mother, a renowned Hiragana calligraphy artist. It was during these early years that she discovered the organic beauty of calligraphy under her mother’s tutelage. The brush strokes her mother created left a lasting impact on Midori, influencing her use of calligraphic brush strokes in her paintings.

As a kid, Midori McCabe also developed a fascination with Western abstract paintings and the use of colors and forms. She often read books by Western artists in her father’s study, further expanding her artistic influences. At the same time, her summers were spent visiting relatives in the beautiful countryside, where she was captivated by the colors of nature. These memories of vibrant hues stayed with her.

A transformative summer visit to a contemporary artist’s studio immersed Midori in abstract paintings, textures, and the allure of ocean sand. This immersive experience opened the doors to an unknown world of creativity, shaping her artistic sensibilities. The vivid colors and forms she encountered during this visit resonated deeply within her.

Midori’s thirst for artistic exploration led her to traverse the globe, embracing diverse cultures and their artistic expressions. In London, she embraced vivid hues and delved into the realm of art jewelry, ultimately establishing “Della London,” a bespoke brand inspired by a Kurdish friend. Returning to Tokyo, she successfully placed her handcrafted art jewelry in prestigious local stores. Since 2009, her evocative imagery has graced the silk scarves of Art Foulard, originating from Naples, Italy. Unbounded by borders, Midori thrives on new challenges, always receptive to fresh artistic horizons.

Her emotionally charged abstract paintings capture the luminosity and chromatic tapestry of her surroundings, greatly influenced by the radiant climate of California. Recent sojourns to Venice and Milan have served as profound wellsprings of inspiration, nurturing her artistic vision. Each unique encounter sprouts into a rich tapestry of color and motion on her canvas, a testament to the vivid stories born from her journeys.

Midori’s artistic prowess has garnered international recognition, with exhibitions throughout Europe, Japan, and the United States. Notably, her work graced the halls of Google Headquarters during a two-year solo exhibition and adorned the walls of esteemed galleries in New York. Her enduring devotion to color and form, shaped by her childhood experiences, her travels, and her exploration of diverse cultures, continues to captivate audiences around the world.

A Youthful Encounter: Liberating Midori McCabe Artistic Spirit

A youthful encounter with an esteemed Japanese avant-garde artist set the course for Midori McCabe’s journey into the world of art. The abstract paintings, impressive in scale and rich with expressive elements, that adorned the artist’s studio, held a captivating allure for McCabe. She perceived an undeniable freshness within these creations, a sense of liberation that resonated deeply within her young soul.

Seizing the moment, McCabe requested her mother to arrange for art lessons with this artist, an experience that shaped her artistic identity profoundly. This engagement was instrumental in liberating McCabe from various emotional constraints, allowing her creative spirit to soar unhindered.

An integral phase in her artistic development occurred following a move to London. Here, McCabe found herself surrounded by an eclectic mix of exceptionally talented artists hailing from diverse cultures and backgrounds. The environment was stimulating, nurturing, and proved to be an enriching experience that broadened her artistic horizons.

Acrylics are McCabe’s preferred medium, their rapid drying nature catering perfectly to her swift and intuitive style of working. The absence of the potent fumes often associated with oil paints also appeals to her sensibilities. However, the creative prowess of Midori McCabe isn’t confined solely to acrylics.

Her work extends across a range of mediums, embracing oil pastels, paper, pencil, and pen, along with unconventional items such as coffee. She thrives on the spontaneous selection of whatever materials lie within reach on her workspace. This eclectic choice of mediums amplifies the dynamism of her artistry.

As McCabe paints, a kaleidoscope of colors and shapes envelops her. She thrives amidst an array of inspirations – from toys and books to dolls and flowers, their vibrant hues and varied forms fueling her creativity. In the midst of this perceived chaos, she always manages to carve out sufficient space for her painting endeavors.

McCabe holds an admiration for the creative environment of the acclaimed writer Ray Bradbury, whose writing den served as a source of inspiration for his many tales. She echoes a similar sentiment in her workspace.

Despite the seemingly chaotic nature of her surroundings, McCabe’s concentration remains unwavering. The true essence of her artistic spirit comes to the fore when she immerses herself in her painting. This steadfast focus attests to McCabe’s ability to find peace and tranquillity amidst chaos, further highlighting her unique artistic character.

Abstract Narratives: Unveiling the Depth of Midori McCabe’s Artistry

Midori McCabe’s creative expression is characterized by an experimental abstract style, brimming with vibrant narratives. Each of her art pieces acts as a visual diary, meticulously crafted from inspiration drawn from everyday life. As one steps closer, the intricate interplay of colors and forms reveals the depth and complexity of her artistry.

Her canvases, though initially subtle, conceal intricate stories within their abstract textures. While these narratives may not be immediately apparent to the casual observer, they unfold gradually, enticing viewers to linger, contemplate, and ultimately interpret their own unique meanings.

Driven by an unwavering pursuit of freshness and intrigue, McCabe continually explores new possibilities within her art. Her fascination with authenticity extends to her use of materials, as she infuses her work with natural and textured elements such as leaves and pieces of cloth. By incorporating these into her canvases, McCabe achieves a distinctive richness of texture that enhances the narrative and tactile allure of her work.

McCabe attributes her deepest artistic influence to her art teacher, who played an instrumental role in illuminating the joy of creativity for her. As a child, she found her life lacked this specific form of self-expression. However, under her teacher’s guidance, she not only discovered the joys of creative freedom but also harnessed it as a medium for expressing her perspectives, stories, and emotions. This influence continues to pervade her work, as each piece is a testament to the joy and fulfillment she derives from the act of creation. Through her distinctive style and choice of materials, Midori McCabe’s art continues to engage viewers, evoking in them a sense of intrigue and offering a captivating glimpse into her world.

A Collage of Meaning: Exploring the Emotional Resonance in Midori McCabe

In the broad spectrum of Midori McCabe’s artistic journey, one particular black and white collage piece holds a distinctive emotional resonance. This work, born of a unique blend of personal circumstance and artistic endeavor, represents a poignant moment in McCabe’s life and serves as an emblem of her ongoing connection to her heritage.

The creation of this meaningful piece unfolded during a time of profound personal challenge. McCabe was in her native Japan, navigating the turmoil of her father’s serious illness. Amidst this adversity, she found solace in her artistic process, immersing herself in the creation of a collage. This period saw her collect numerous calligraphic pieces that she had personally crafted, each a testament to her skill and a link to her cultural roots.

Later, these gathered fragments would travel with her back to the United States. Here, they found their place on a large canvas, together forming a vibrant tapestry of memory and meaning. It was during this period of creation that her ailing father had the chance to observe the work in progress. His curiosity and enjoyment of the process added another layer of emotional depth to the artwork. Thus, this particular piece stands as not only a testament to McCabe’s artistic journey, but also as a cherished memory of her father.

In addition to the emotional resonance of her past works, McCabe continually seeks new sources of inspiration to fuel her artistic growth. A particularly impactful influence has been Niki de Saint Phalle, the French-American artist renowned for her innovative relief work. Saint Phalle’s use of white plaster adorned with various objects, and the colourful explosions of small balloons on her early pieces, have deeply inspired McCabe. She envisions herself embracing a similar aesthetic in future works, aspiring to expand her portfolio with more relief pieces.

Further inspiration is drawn from the dynamic world of performance art, specifically the innovative work of the Japanese Gutai group. Their revolutionary approach to integrating performance with painting captivated McCabe and she sees a reflection of their ethos in her own artistic philosophy. It is this infusion of various influences, combined with her deeply personal experiences, that continues to shape Midori McCabe’s distinctive artistic journey.